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No secret - Black Milk

Haven't told a soul,
But they seem to know,
Didn't say a word, but I've been overheard,

I guess its obvious,
How I feel about us,
They say that i'm a hopeless case, its written right there all over my

It's no secret, no matter what I do I can't help but feel it,
Theres no use in playing it cool,
Its no secret, gotta let you know coz I really feel it,
Baby I'm in love with you,

When you talk so sweet,
I get a little bit weak,
When I see that smile, my heart goes wild,

When we finnaly touch,
And then a voice inside me screams,
Don't be shy!


I picture us together, in a world that's just for two,
It's my vision of forever, can you see it too?

Vamp repeated (Backgroud vox)

What do I have to do for you to understand?
Gotta get through to you baby if I can.

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