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My Only Love - Photolab

Deep night is comming - the time of blue stars
and I\'m sitting in my room alone.
I am just thinking - about my sad life
\'bout the greatest love of all.

\'cause here stops all fun.
\'cause I cannot run

without the peacefull world,
without my quiet mind,
without the thing which helps me
survive the night.

It takes a while

But it is too late,
I can\'t wait anymore
and I have to - stay here whole night time.
I must not close my eyes,
desire never dies.
And I\'m not sure, - if I can hold myself.

I will do, what must be done
Now I\'m sure, - before the sun
covers the stars and hide the night,
I will bring... To the night...

ref: Smoke of the cigarette,
cigarettes - my only love.
26 cigarettes
I had, before the sun has lost.
Now only one has left
and there is no place, I can get
unreachable treassure

It\'s so sweet

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