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Movin' On - Black Milk

Downtown, hanging with your friends
Telling stories: "These things never end"
And you been bragging, laughing 'bout the times
When you'd call me up to feed me with your lies

Say (say)
Where did you go (go)?
Not coming home (home)
Did you pretend that I wasn't waiting for you?


Don't let me go (go)
Come on back home (home)"
I was a fool, but I learned to trust myself

Moving on, going on, had enough of lying
Moving on, going on, now I'm over you
Moving on, going on, never see me crying
I'm making my way from you

Running 'round inside your mind
You don't love me, you're the hurting kind
But I've been learning, my heart's on the mend
Now I know you won't be laughing in the end


Chorus (x2)

Wounded by love
I've taken my share
Did you believe this could go on?
I only wanted to be yours
Now I won't be fooled again


Chorus (x2)

Přidal: Karboolka

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