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mamacita - Banaroo

her name was juanita and he was called julio
and on a hot summernight they met at the plaza del cordobez
and hopelessly they fell in love

she was a young girl who lived in sevilla
in the part where the poor people stay
he was a good looking son of a rich man
and heaven let this young girl pass his way

and in her eyes he found all
of the dreams he was dreaming
in her heart he saw visions of love
and he asked for un noche d’amor
and mercy from heaven above

will you be with me tonight
my mammacita
i keep praying to santa maria
to help love survive
i wanna lay by your side
my mammacita
we’ll be together as one for the rest OF our life

though he knew that his parents would never allow him
to bring that girl to their place
he took her hand and he said i’ll love you forever
but there was a tear on her face

she said „OH JULIO - te quiero“ and i want you more
than i can say – but we live worlds apart
but he said: heaven may open the door
that we can find with our heart

mi felicidad
losing love is like the deepest cut
feeling your emotion in the night of devotion
I WANNA be with you
heaven send a sign
come on and see that falling starlight shine
LYING close together we will know that forever
our love will be strong and true

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