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I Lie - 123 Minut

There's no driveway
From this last day
A small idea
Won't evoke my tears - I lie, I lie, I lie, I lie

There's still some oil
To grease our wheels
To fill our vaults
Despite those tears

Awake yet asleep,
Acting in the ceremony - ly-ly-ly-lyin'
Ahead of the time,
Erosion's nothing next to me - ly-ly-ly-lyin', ly-ly-ly-lyin' - oh

Those free, I will tell
To beat my drum
If they won't catch
The beat I will aim

Using the name
Of the vast majority - ly-ly-ly-lyin'
Hitting the point,
Using the old ignorance - ly-ly-ly-lyin'
Building a fear
Of the foreign and unknown - ly-ly-ly-lyin'
I'm the deal
Of a whole machinery - ly-ly-ly-lyin', ly-ly-ly-lyin', oh

A hole in my head
Won't solve your dread
We're more than worms
Hollowing out - we hide, we hide, we hide, we hide…

Přidal: Lion438

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