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I Know - Vanilla Ninja

You stalk in - givin me a bad thrill
You just look cool - and you´re dressed to kill
And I feel that you
Think you´re a big seducer

You come close - look into my eyes
And I feel that you´re livin in disguise
It´s so dead straight clear
You are just a lucky loser

Oh well I know
That you´re gonna get blind
When I´m through with you - all you gotta do
Is to go away - I won´t tell you no lie
I know - you should keep it in mind
You´re not good enough - just not rough enough
You are one big lie - you´re a swanker that´s why
I know - that you´re gonna get blind - ohh

You´re so vain - but you feel so hip
If you need results - baby here´s my tip
Get yourself someone
Who´s of the kind like you are

Of course I know - what you want me to do
But you ain´t no good - I´m too good for you
Baby just get lost
Ain´t no place that´s too far


If you want you may dream of me
But I´ll never be your reality
What you deserve -
´Somebody undemanding


Přidal: Karboolka

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