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Hole in head - Sugababes

Sugababes - Hole In The Head
Seven hours since you went away
Eleven coffees, Ricki Lake on play
But late at night when I?m feeling blue
I´d sell my ass
Before I think of you
Seven hours since you
Closed the door
Startet a diet
Got a manicure
Erased your number from my telephone
And if you call me
I won´t be at home
He said
Chorus 1:
Why don´t you cry for the guy, say
Goodbye, runaway?
Why don´t you cry for the guy, say
Goodbye? I said o.k., ´cause . . .
Chorus 2:
Ooh, won´t you miss me
Like a hole in the head?
Because I do boy
And it´s cool boy
And ooh, bet you never thought
I´d get out of bed
Because of you boy
Such a fool, boy
Eleven hours on a brand new day
I´m getting ready to go out
And play
It´s late at night, I´m caught in a groove
I´d kiss my ass
Before I´m feeling blue
Seven hours what you calling for?
A bunch of flowers and
I slam the door
You´re in my face
Sorry what´s your name?
Takes more than begging
To reverse my brain, ´cause . . .
Chorus 2
I´m through with it, over it
Not having it, crazy sh*t
Not feeling this, can´t deal
I quit, no more, no more
I´m through with it, not having it
This crazy sh*t, not feeling it
Can´t deal with it
No more, I quit, no more, no more
Breaking off the . . .
A brand new day has just begun
Just because you made me
Go "ooh"
Doesn´t mean I´ll put up with you
Don´t you dare to come back
Can´t you see I won´t take that?
I ain´t crying over you
Better fill your head up
Like I told you
Chorus 1
Chorus 2 (2x)

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