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Heading For The Sea - 123 Minut

My love is like a river
And my stream has its flow
You can't step into it twice

I know you had to fear me
All the rumours behind
About how I hurt them all

If I'd try to explain, you wouldn't understand
Let me show it to you now, just don't hesitate
Come along - We're heading for the sea

If I'll find this time that I've been searching for
If you'd worry, it would be harder - so much more
Getting home - I'm heading for the sea

If you float on the surface
You should know about the depth
How to make it your best friend

In behind my glance, where you'd understand
There's a wish to get more than the Promised Land
After all - I'm heading for the sea

All your sounds, your taste, the way you look at me
All the mess inside my head, all you give to me
Feels like home - maybe you're my sea

Přidal: Lion438

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