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God Is A DJ - Pink

I´ve been girl with her skirt pulled high
been the outcast
never running with mascara eyes
now I see the world as a candy store
with a cigarette smile,
saying things you can´t ignore
like: mommy I love you
daddy I hate you
brother I need you
lover, hey ***k you
I can see everything here with my third eye
like the blue in the sky
If god is a DJ, life is a dancefloor,
love is a rhythm ,you are the music,
If god is a DJ ,life is a dance floor,
you get what you´re given
it´s all how to use it
I´ve been the girl-middle finger in the air
unaffected by rumors, the truth: I don´t care
so open your mouth and stick out your tongue
you might as well let go
you can´t take back what you´ve done
so find a new lifestyle
a reason to smile
look for nirvana under the strobe lights
sequins and sex dreams
you whisper to me there´s no reason to cry
you take what you get and you get what you give
I say don´t run from yourself, man,
that´s no way to live
I´ve got a record in my bag
you should give it a spin
lift your hands in the air so that life can begin
If god is a dj....if god is a dj.....if god is a dj
get your *** on the dancefloor now

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