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Every Time - Black Milk

I've lately been looking for
That someone I'm wanting more
I've opened up wide the door
And I see you standing there
I'm hoping you'll stay with me
That you'll love me so easily
Just open your eyes to see
All the roads that lead you here

Every time I'll be the one
Every time I see the sun
Everyday I say
Don't go away
Every night I close my eyes
Every night you see the sky
Everyday I say
Don't go away

I'm giving my love to you
I've offered my heart, it's true
If you hold me close then you
Have a chance to be my man
I know what you need and I
Break down when I see you cry
I want you to know that I
Want to give you everything


Ooh, ooh, ohh...
I need you baby

Přidal: Karboolka

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