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Come on Nightmare - Bad Tones

Come on nightmare with your scary dreams
Come on from your land where are no trees
I'm waiting for you all the time
Come on, come on, till I'm fine, Come on

Well, every morning when I'm getting up
Nightmare is weak and dream is ending up
But she will come back again with more scary dreams so wish me a good luck

Come on nightmare don't afraid of me
Come on if you have another dream
Midnight is getting near
I'm looking for a fear, Come on

Now I'm coming to your lonesome room
Now I'll make your crazy dream come true
Are you looking for me still?
I'm now going to fight and kill, Come on

Well, tomorrow when you'll open door
You'll feel like have not feel before
Long time you was calling me
so I'll not leave your brain no more

Přidal: jersywoo

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