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Can’t take it anymore - Photolab

Hey, which direction do you go?
weaving your way (like) in falling snow
is the reason to be to make oneself free?
how do you get to where i don’t?

Believing in travels through the time
i learn to reach the speed of light
is the reason to be to make oneself free?
to cut the twine keeping a kite?
keep a kite

imaginations seem so fine
i feel i’m ready for such a ride
it’s floating in me like a sweet melody
that can never ever get outside

it is something i can’t take anymore

ease my mind

(it’s a) waiting game

I don’t wanna see you’re gone
hope you didn’t leave me all alone
breathe the secret to me before it’s on TV
i’m gonna ask you on and on

it is something I can’t take anymore

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